Are you ready to Jam?! :-D


Toast to the perfect toast! šŸ™‚

Sometimes the only perfect way to start your day is by taking a bite out of the perfect toast fresh and still warm, with butter melting all over and that slight sweetness andĀ tartnessĀ that comes with the orange peel grated into your marmalade on top! According to us, while buttered toast by itself is a treat, the cherry on top is having your favorite preserve by your side to add the right amount of sweetness.Ā 

Jam by no means is a recentĀ phenomena. There are mentions of jam recipes in the earliest cook book written in 1st century Rome. It is speculated that jams, jellies and preservesĀ are most likely to have started in the Middle Eastern countries where there are plenty of fruits and sugar. By preserving it, they could enjoy the yummy taste and nutrition of fruits all year long.Ā Ā 

They found their way into Europe when the Crusades returned with their spoils ( who knew it included Jam recipes!! šŸ™‚ ). Marmalade though is said to have a more royal beginning. The legend goes thatĀ in the 16th century , when Mary Queen of Scots got sea sick, her physician mixed orange and sugar to help her seasickness. In fact some even suggest that word ‘marmalade’ comes from the phraseĀ ā€œMarie est maladeā€ Ā meaning ‘Mary is sick’ but we don’t think that’s very likely! Either ways, it became an instant hit with the royalty and if you visit the Queen for tea, for sure you’ll see a small pot of marmalade sitting right beside your tea cup! šŸ™‚


Perfect for almost anything!

The best thing about jams though are the fact that it’s anĀ accompaniment for almost anything. As a spread over cakes, scones; for a quick fixĀ we have spread it overĀ chapattisĀ and made sweet rolls for a bite on the go; to add a different flavor with ice creams or cheese cakes.

And we found this awesome and unique recipe which is sure to a favorite of any jam lover : The Banana Jam.


  • 50 Plantains (the small and over ripe is best suited)Ā 
  • Sugar ā€“ 750gms to 1 kg ( depending on how sweet you want it)
  • Orange juice- juice of 5 oranges

Going bananas over jam! šŸ˜›


Boil the plantain in a cooker. When cool, strain the juice and discard the residue. To this add sugar (quantity may vary according to the sweetness of the plantain- this is usually trial and error)Ā and cook till thick, add the orange juice and remove from fire when it attains the consistency of viscous liquid. The color will be a deep-almost-black purple in the jar.Ā 

Enjoy with almost anything ā€“ appam, puttu, idyappam and ofĀ course bread and butter. šŸ™‚

Do let us know how your version worked out! šŸ™‚




Book of the Month: A History of the World in 6 Glasses


Unique Perspective of world history!

Must be the summer heat because we canā€™t seem to stop talking about liquids! So it just made perfect sense to pick up Tom Standageā€™s A History of the World in 6 Glasses. Honestly, the book surprised us. To begin with, the concept of charting the world history through how beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and cola are drunk itself is so unique and we confess, seemed fantastical. But Standageā€™s book turned out to be a crash course in ancient, classical and modern history peppered with stories that are relatable with our everyday life. After all who will not be able to understand the magical powers of beer bringing civilization together, or coffee being the stimulant for Renaissance? On the other hand, when we look at the fact that 3 of the drinks contain alcohol and the other 3 caffeine, it does makes sense how the world’s inspirations and influence would be traced down to the discovery or invention of these drinks!

The language is crisp and a refreshing change for a book loaded with (in any other hands would read boring) historical facts.But Standage does a brilliant job of keep it in the easy reading section. Itā€™s the kind of book that one would enjoy reading while travelling, both stimulating and light ( just like any of the 6 drinks he talks about!!)

Itā€™s the kind of book after which you would never look at yourĀ favoriteĀ drink the same way again! Here’s to quenching our thirst forĀ knowledgeĀ and new horizons! Let all raise our glasses to that! šŸ˜€