The Fruit Cake in Pictures!

Zoink!’s photoblog on how the world’s largest fruit cake was made by the awesome Just Bake.Enjoy, Zoinkers! 🙂

I have an idea. Let's make the world's largest fruit cake! 🙂

Careful. It's all about perfection.

Does it look perfect enough?
It’s all about team work, you see.
Slathering on that gum paste! (which is edible, btw)
Looks like a little dance, eh?
1115 Kgs – Gotta reach that 3000 number soon!
Well, someone has to ensure that this fondant is awesome!

And the Christmas lights are all set up!

*Must not eat*

Smoothening that yummy fondant.

We would need some thermocol reindeer for the flying sleigh.

Santa would be proud! 🙂

Now that the reindeers are done, let's get back to the cake! 😛

Adding the finishing touches.
TADA! And it’s done! 🙂