About Zoink! Talks

Welcome to Zoink! Talks.. a space where food and media converge. We have bunch of passionate foodies who have an opinion on everything under the sun and like you to know it! 😀


4 comments on “About Zoink! Talks

  1. George Gomez says:

    Hey guy’s i was just wonderig if i could purchase one of your guy’s images from the breakfast. Please let me know asap. Or if i can get permission? Please email me back. thanks

  2. Rini says:

    So I found this blog through a page which you promo-d on Voldemophobia. It looked pretty cool so I decided to come check it out.
    Tell me more about what you guys do?
    You guys are starting a food business? And enjoy writing too? And have an opinion about most things?
    I read that you guys love Harry Potter as well.
    Well all of that makes me a lot like you guys. Just a little curious here.

    Anyway, love the passion and the vivacity that colours this page,
    Stay vibrant!
    Rini =)

    • zoinkmedia says:

      Hi Rini!
      Thanks for checking us out. We’re new, we’re fun, we’re foodies, and yes, we love Harry Potter! 🙂
      We are mainly a social media agency that focuses only on restaurants, and we handle digital marketing and their brand online. Also, we love food a lot, and are always dishing out advice on good restaurants to eat at, easy recipes, festive food, etc. – so you’ll find a lot of food posts on our blog.
      Thanks again for your interest, and we’re glad that you interacted with us! 🙂

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