2012 and More Food! :)

It’s the new year and we thought what better to start this brilliant new year than by gorging on lots of yummy food! 🙂 So we found ourselves landing in Sue’s Kitchen in Indiranagar (which was a top 5 in our Christmas buffets in Bangalore post) and piling on plenty of Caribbean food on to our plates!

The Turkey in all its glory

The endless salad counter

Crab Curry straight from Tobago


Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Chicken Accra

The HUGE buffet spread!

Jealous much? 😛

Oooh, desserts! 🙂

Just Round 1 for us 😛

The lady behind it all - Sue 🙂 And. yes. That's Eggnog 🙂

From Team Zoink!, we’re wishing you a happy, fun and food filled Zoinktastic! New Year! 🙂

Pics Courtesy: Amith Krishnan

Zoink! Foodographer


2 comments on “2012 and More Food! :)

  1. zoinkmedia says:

    Hi Arjun. To answer your question, no, this event was not only by invitation – it was open to all actually 🙂 Some events, of course, are invite only, but their spreads are to die for. We will most definitely keep you updated on all of the food events in the city. Follow our blog to know more 🙂

  2. Arjun says:

    that food was just fantabulous…are these events only by invitation..i am ready to fight a lion to get invited to such buffets..please do let us know where and when such events do take place in the future..

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