This is not calamari… and this is NOT for the squeamish!

We love our seafood here at Zoink! We even love our sushis and sashimis. But this Japanese dish left us, well, morbidly fascinated but ( think for the first time evaaaa..) without an appetite.

Calamari fries! 🙂 And we looovvee our calamari fries!

It’s called Odori Don. The main ingredients are sushi rice, sashimi and to top it all off, a dancing squid! Yeah, you heard it right. It’s a dancing squid. Before you let your imagination carry you away and start wondering about ballet trained cephalopods , let me assure you it’s a dead squid.

Still don’t believe us? Check this out:

Odori is a traditional dance form of Japan which explains the name of the dish. But guess you must be more curious about the dancing than the naming. This is possible because of the physiology of the squid. Cephalopods  ie squid family, are head-footed creatures which means their limbs are attached to their heads. And Odori Don is prepared by separating the head from the body, killing the squid but keeping the nerve ending of the tentacles intact.Turns out the sodium in the soy sauce acts on the muscles causing it to contract, thus the involuntary dance.

As simple as the explanation sounds, the end result is pretty, hmmm, eye-catching? entertaining? grotesque? Whichever adjective you choose to label it, you just can’t ignore it.

Ps: they also have Odari Ebi, which is dancing prawns :-/

Pps: what’s with the Japs and live stuff?! 😕 The only movement on our plate we are comfortable with is from the plate to our mouths!


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