The Beginning

How did Zoink! Start? Yes, that’s a question we’re getting a lot lately. Well, it all started on one fun evening when two very drunk  and extremely cheery friends decided that all those social media agencies out there didn’t do much justice to the fabulous food offered by some good restaurants in Bangalore.  No, really.

The Zoink! Team has dined in more than 400 restaurants in Bangalore and we really felt that a lot of the restaurant out there were unable to/incorrectly expressed in a lot of social media forums. With our deep understanding and love for food (even more than Edward Cullen* could love Bella), we realized the need for a social media agency that understands the best of both worlds – food and social media.


We are taking this integrated space not to offer restaurants only-Sheldon-Cooper-understandable metrics, fake FB Likes or forced fan activity. We offer quality content, trivia and facts on food many of the customers were unaware of, promoting not just the in-house specials and menus, but also the culinary skills of the big chef comfortably hidden in the kitchen (How many of us can even flip an omelette without dropping it?).

Being hard core foodies, we understand food. And being hard core FB addicts, we understand social media. It’s amazing how that 1+1 adds up to give a solution that not only promises a great brand identityfor the restaurant, but also retains existing customers and invites new potential customers. We don’t give the customers what social media norms dictate us to; being customers ourselves, we give customers what they want.

That's what we want, right? Steak, Chicken Fillet and TWO servings of Dessert!!

That’s enough about us. Lengthy blog posts tend to make us sleepy too. Watch this space for more social media gyaan and some of the best places in Bangalore to indulge that gastronomic urge!

And it’s only the beginning! (Buahhahaahhaa!) J

Zoink! Team

*who sparkles [giggle!] 😛


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