Zoinked Yet?


Gosh, we are so excited to be here.. Finally!  Watch out for this space, because we are not just going to be new kids on the block for social media marketing, we are looking to be “D” social media company, especially in the lifestyle space.

To sum up our team in one word… is just not possible because we can’t be contained or boxed in with one idea. That’s why picking ‘Zoink!’ to explain ourselves makes perfect sense ( more on that later!).

We are looking to help you talk – be you a restaurant or the foodie; the vineyard owner or the connoisseur; or just two friends getting together to talk about food, we help to create the conversations on the net which are meaningful. Why? Because we Love food and we Love talking about Food, we Love getting people Zoinked! about Food! 🙂

Cant wait to get started 😀 We feel like one of those Bouncy Balls which just doesn’t stop!

Should be hearing more from our side.. So keep reading and be social! 😀

Zoink! Team


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