Word of the day: Zoink!

I know, I know… you been dying to ask,”What in all of good god’s blue creation is ‘Zoink!’?”

Well, there are multiple answers depending on the situation.The simplest is, it’s a sound. Like Wham! Bang! Aa..aa..achoo!

If you are Scooby Doo fan, then it’s what Shaggy says when he’s scared! Or Excited!
The Harry Potter fans in the Zoink! team like to think of it as the sound when things apparate or disapparate.

( For Muggles, that means when things magically appear or disappear… and if you don’t know what Muggle means, then it’s time you crawled back under the rock!  :-P)

It can also be a feeling. When you wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy, chances are you are feeling pretty Zoinked!

There’s also mutual consensus amongst the team that it also means a crazy contained kinda creative energy just waiting to burst out in rainbows and stars 😀

And I think that’s the best description of the Zoink! team as well!


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